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Truth or Truth?

No evidence will convince you on the truth of what you do not want – Anonymous

I just came back from a Philosophy meetup and that quote resonated with me more than anything else we discussed in the hour and a half I was there. Not just because it applies to our everyday lives, but because it has significant implications on us as entrepreneurs starting our own businesses.

How often do we fall in love with our own idea that we get tunnel vision?

Are we building the minimum viable product according to our own eyes or what the customer needs?

Do we ignore certain user feedback for the sake of others because we like that particular suggestion better?

When we’re cursing a VC for not getting “it”, is it because they insulted our ego or did they really not understand our concept?

Is our unique selling proposition truly that or is it a facade to differentiate ourselves from our competitors?

Was our marketing strategy unsuccessful because it wasn’t executed properly or was it tainted to begin with?

As I’m constantly learning, it’s extremely difficult to take a step back in your own startup and analyze things objectively. I would argue it’s damn near impossible. I live, breathe and sleep thinking about my Company and I’m sure you do the same. We can’t help becoming attached and emotionally tied to our concept. For me, when my Company is on the down slope of that rollercoaster ride, I have a bad day as well.

So how do we know if we’re basing a decision out of something we want to believe or what’s needed? Obviously, some of it is necessary trial and error. There are also ways to test our assumptions to ensure our decisions leave less room for speculation. Regardless, I bet a little bit of that quote rings true for all of us.

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    From this?  http://courseinmiracles.com/urtext/chapter_16/section_3.htm

    • Anonymous

      I ignore all the religious references, but yes that’s it!