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Supporting TechGirlz One Cup of Coffee at a Time

When I presented at the first TechGirlz event last year, I made it a point to discuss why we need more women in Technology. There are many reasons and I focused on two. Point #1: Women are vastly underrepresented. Point #2: Diversity is needed to spawn innovation.

What is TechGirlz exactly? A kick-ass local organization founded by Tracey Welson Rossman with the mission of empowering middle-school girls to become future technology leaders.

The goal is to get girls interested in technology from the get-to through hands-on workshops and sessions. Girls learn how to code, build circuit boards, podcasting skills, etc.

When I was asked to be on Board earlier this year, I jumped at the opportunity. I wish there had been an organization like this when I was younger.

All the classes are free and are run by volunteers. Our goal for this year is to reach more girls and run more events. We’re going to hold classes where the girls will learn how to build a website, start a blog, even dabble in game development (I know I’ll be in that class!).

How can YOU get involved? There are various ways to get involved and become part of the movement.

The TechGirlz stand at Whole Foods

  1. Volunteer for one of our upcoming events
  2. Be part of our Marketing Committee and help us get the word out
  3. Send us event ideas
  4. For the month of July, visit the Whole Foods Market in Jenkintown and grab a cup of .25 cent coffee

The last request seems odd so let me explain. The Whole Foods Market in Jenkintown supports a new non-profit every month by selling hot, fresh coffee for only a quarter. 100% of the money raised during the month of July goes to TechGirlz.  Stop by, hold your next coffee meeting there or swing through during lunch.

For more information leave a comment or contact us at info@techgirlz.org.

Thanks in advance for your support!