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Speaking, Mentoring, Organizing & Running

My favorite Holiday is tomorrow. April Fools Day may seem like a frivolous day to most people but it holds a special place in my heart for a few reasons. Mostly because you can prank people and have a legitimate excuse for it. The others reasons are sentimental – I left my previous Company and started full-time at 123LinkIt on April 1st of 2009. We launched the first version of 123LinkIt on April 1st of 2010 (it was a pure coincidence). This past April Fools, I joked about getting acquired by GSI Commerce and it actually happened a few months later (be it to another Company).

I DO have a point to this…realizing April Fools is coming up forced me to stop and question where the first quarter had gone. Time seems to be flying by because I’m involved in a lot of things. And I mean A LOT of things. Here’s a breakdown of some of the events coming up. This doesn’t include TechGirlz or GirlDevelopIt events either. Friends, family and my inbox – I’m sorry I’ve neglected you. My life will resume in May and I’ll make it up to you!

Thursday, March 29th – Temple University Young Alumni: Moving Forward Series – Entrepreneurship: The Alternative Career Path. A panel of alumni fielded questions about the audience in how we started our businesses.

Friday, March 30th to April 1st – Philadelphia Lean Startup Machine – I’m mentoring Philly startups to help them build a product or service customers want. This educational weekend is to validate assumptions and determine MVP.

Friday, April 20th – Philadelphia Startup Weekend – I’m also acting as a mentor at this event to leverage my experience from being an attendee three times (Past StartupWeekend posts: Recap of Startup Weekend Baltimore event with tips for future participants and Startup Weekend Philly 2011; Hangplan takes 2nd place.

Saturday, April 21st – Philly Women in Tech Summit – I’m proud to be part of bringing the 1st Women in Tech Summit to and it includes panels, speakers, hands-on learning workshops and a networking tea. Philadelphia. The theme of this women-only event is “Getting In, Surviving, Thriving and Giving Back”

Sunday, May 6th – Broad Street Run – I honestly do not know what I was thinking when I signed up for this. My training has been minimal and my competitive nature is not happy about it. In fact, I’m thinking of intentionally coming in last so I can be the best at being the worst. Maybe I’ll kill two birds with one stone get a lapstrap and attempt to reach the ever elusive inbox zero at the same time (I may just have convinced myself to do this, especially with how attractive that picture is).

  • Lauherb

    Wow jasmine, that pic is sooooooooo you! :-)

  • Pam Selle

    I keep thinking “How the flip did April get so busy?” It’s like shitstorm of stuff. After memorial day, let’s head to the shore and possibly Atlantic City, so I can watch you card shark up in there.