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Photo Shoot Time!

yasmine-mustafa-colin-lenton-photo-shootI’m in the last year of my twenties, getting more and more gray hairs every month and I’ve probably aged twice as fast in the last two years thanks to my startup.

So what’s a girl to do when faced with these realizations? Have a professional photo shoot of course! I’m suddenly reminded of a Sex and the City episode when Samantha decides to pose for nude photos because she wants to remember her body before “everything goes south.”

This wasn’t THAT kind of photo shoot by any means. Not even close. I decided to have headshots done primarily for my various social networks and websites. All of my photos have been cropped from personal pictures with friends (sound familiar?) and I felt like I needed the “grown-up” variation.

The first photographer that came to mind, Colin Lenton, is a friend who shot the TechnicallyPhilly guys and the most well-connected man in Philadelphia, Mikey Il. Colin and I have an interesting history. To make a long story short, I accused him of trying to commit a felony the first night we met (wasn’t even close). When I ran into him the next time, I asked if he had lost a lot of weight because I remembered him being much heavier. I’m blaming this on a case of reverse beer goggles. And yes, I am that blunt.

I also noticed that he appeared first when I googled “Philadelphia photographer. I reached out to him a month ago to discuss dates and we met in his studio a couple of weeks later. I have to say, being on the other side of the camera isn’t easy. I felt like an “America’s Next Top Model” reject. Well…except I’m much shorter with hips and I have no idea how to strike a pose without giggling like a little schoolgirl. Colin faced these challenges and to my surprise (Sorry Colin, underestimating you turned out to be a great thing), I’m extremely happy with the way the final pictures turned out. One of my favorites is on my About page.

Check out his work at http://colinmlenton.com. Maybe he’ll include my picture in his gallery one day (hint, hint!). Hopefully this post makes up for implying he was obese that one day (he’s not at all by the way, and ladies – he’s single!)

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