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A Bank Trip To Remember

Note: This post was started on Monday, December 5th and completed on Wednesday, December 7th.

I just came back from TD Bank and I’m sitting in front of my computer at work wondering why I wasn’t reveling in what just transpired.

The day started simply enough. I woke up at 6am, caught the 7am train, and arrived at work around 8:30am. I created a to-do list for the day and made a mental note to run to the bank during lunchtime. I had received my check from the 123LinkIt acquisition on the 28th and I had yet to deposit it into my account.

Why the wait?

I told my family I would get to it when I had the time, that I had just been busy getting acclimated to my new position. After all, there are a lot of adjustments. This is my first full-time job, I’m now getting up early (My friends know this is a substantial shift. I’m a die-hard night-owl), I have a boss, I have co-workers in the same physical space, I went from a commute of a few steps from my bed to my desk to a three-hour daily commute and the list goes on.

My response was partially the truth. The actual reason is because I knew it would be the final step of the acquisition process and I wasn’t mentally ready to put the stamp on it. I didn’t realize the extent of this feeling until I stood at the bank counter. I looked at the check for a good five minutes. This was without a doubt the biggest check I had ever seen AND IT WAS MADE OUT TO ME! What the heck was I doing holding on to it?!

My fingers grazed the numbers on the check as if I was making love to it. I looked at the back and turned it around to the front. I put it down, then picked it up. I’m thankful the bank was empty or else people would have wondered what the strange woman in black was doing. A gamut of emotions went through me, everything from sadness to happiness. A carousel of thoughts going back two years slowly rolled through my mind. My Company had been a partner AND a child to me. I had consumed and nurtured it for more than two years. There had been bad times, so-so moments and fantastic highs. Here I was holding on to what was left, a standard check-size piece of paper.

This past year had been especially challenging. My CTO and I had departed in December and I had run the Company using contractors. I raised a F&F loan and maxed out my credit cards to support it. I was living like a pauper, counting every dollar as it was spent. I had a challenging summer. There were a couple of times when I contemplated folding. Yet, here I was. I pushed through with the support of my wonderful advisers, PhilaDev and family to make it to this unforgettable point.

iphone message exchangeThis was really it, I remember thinking. I was finalizing the deal and there wasn’t going to be any turning back. (In actuality, everything had already gone through). I texted a couple of friends while I stood there like an idiot. The photo on the side is from one exchange. The lock button on my iPhone isn’t working so I asked him to take a screenshot (A new iPhone will be one of the first purchases I make this week!.).

I flipped the check over and moved my pen to the Signature line. My right hand shook as I signed it. I tried to use my best penmanship but it was fruitless. I thought the tasking part was over until I turned to face the tellers. I wanted to walk over but my legs stood planted firmly on the carpeted floor. My eyes accidentally locked with the teller who was open. I took a deep breath and hesitantly walked over.  Just when I reached him, I realized I had not filled out a deposit form.

Oh jeez, here we go again!

It’s been a couple of days since I wrote the above. I don’t want to make it sound like I’m not happy with the acquisition. I’m beyond thrilled. Words can’t rightfully describe how elated I am. 123LinkIt is going to move to new heights with resources I had not possessed. It’s part of a full-time team and it is being integrated with an existing product that has a substantial user base. It’s also led by an incredible management team with 50+ employees that generated over $10M in revenue last year and growing.

123LinkIt is moving forward. It may not be my baby anymore but it’s going to flourish faster with an extended family that I am lucky and proud to be a part of.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aaron.h.mclean Aaron McLean

    Congrats Yasmine!

  • Chuck Sacco

    True as the earth post Yasmine…I feel for you!

  • Devra

    Aloha Yasmine,
    I have not yet sold my company, but we are on the verge of doing just that!
    My husband said that I would probably go through some type of with-drawl since I too have nurtured this business from concept to distribution! So, move forward and pat yourself on the back You did it congrads and I so enjoyed your story. Much Aloha, Devra Etsis Hats.com 

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Devra,

      How exciting for you, congrats! It’s going to be a surreal experience I’m sure. Good luck and thanks for stopping by!